Autism Educational Services:

  • Services are offered nation wide by phone.
  • All clients receive an information package including:
    • 4 books with over 250 pages of information on these diets and the Defeat Autism Now! Protocol
    • 2 cookbooks
    • An extensive shoppers guide
    • An audio CD on the basics of the diet and common questions
    • AND MORE!
  • In person or by phone, counseling lasts approximately four hours. This is done in either three or four sessions.
  • Sessions include:
    • Information on the GFCF Diet and other dietary interventions: 
      • Where to buy foods
      • How to determine if a food is GFCF and Soy-free
      • Where hidden glutens and caseins are found
      • Helpful hints on implementing the diet
      • What results to expect and how long it will take
      • Why the diet is so important
      • Resources available to you as a parent
      • Best tasting, easy to prepare, fail-proof food recipes
      • What tests you may encounter
      • Details for therapies such as yeast overgrowth, heavy metal chelation, MTP, vitamin and mineral supplementation, Vitanim B12 injections, TTFD and glutathione treatments.
For more information call Nadine Gilder at
(732) 473-9482
or send an email to